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Saturday, December 11, 2010

"You can't do that. Why? Because it's freaking me out"

Which brings me to the end of the week. We, as a country, are freaking me out. We're so outraged at the little stupid things that don't matter. Everything is about perception. Nothing has substance. We still follow a version of the Mercator Map, albeit to the nth degree of fantastical proportions. Look at the map we use, then look at the map as reality shows us. Not the same. Why? Perception and human failing.

The left and the right baggers are agreeing. The best possible outcome of the November elections was for the dems in Congress to shut up and get some work done. The spineless ones who couldn't or wouldn't call for a vote on the taxes before the election are now pissed that the President has done what they wouldn't or couldn't do. He moved forward. He knew the weasels wouldn't budge on the tax cuts for the rich and so he did what he had to do, what I elected him to do....get shit done. Then the ones who said to him, sure Mr. President, you talk to the other party and see what you can get...sure....we'll be right here ready to bash you like they do.  What the dems should be doing is going on teevee and pointing out over and over and over again, this sentence the President has repeated....

"The problem is, is that this is the single issue that the Republicans are willing to scotch the entire deal for. And in that circumstances -- in that circumstance, we've got, basically, a very simple choice: Either I allow 2 million people who are currently getting unemployment insurance not to get it, either I allow the recovery that we're on to be endangered, or we make a compromise now."

Which brings me to Senator Bernie Sanders. I love the guy, I do. I just don't like the timing of the mini-filibuster he had yesterday. This Congress has had 2 years to deal with these tax cuts.....let me say that again, 2 years! and they did nothing. They kept their mouths shut and ran away from their own agenda in the campaign and threw the President under so many buses, I lost count. (looking at you Joe Manchin (D-WV). So for those of you who think it's Obama's bad and no one else should be held accountable for this, then god/fsm/thor help you because I can't and I won't enable your feeble thinking. What should have happened after the midterms is the dems should have put up a united front and got shit done. They didn't. They should have gone about the business of governing and let the other party fall apart. Because they will. For those of you who think the President sold out and will capitulate when it comes to the debt ceiling....just wait. If you step back away from the picture, what you will see is the corporate owners of the other party will not allow the United States to default. They WILL NOT let that happen, it would cut into their profits and that's a no no.The President has always had a long term view of how the change comes and how we make it happen. He never said he would make it happen, go back and read or watch the videos....he said this would be difficult and that we would have to make it happen. But we didn't and we don't understand what he is doing, so he must have sold us out. You people are freaking me out.

If you think I'm an Obat for supporting my President for doing exactly what he said he'd do, then move along. This is one of those things I don't argue about. No one seems to remember what he has said over and over and goddamn over again since 2007 and they still aren't listening to him. sigh

We have been on this path since at least 1980, W was the logical conclusion to the Reagan years. that's 30 really think we, wait, you think that he can fix everything to everyone's satisfaction after less than 2?

You people are freaking me out.....


  1. Excellent! And damn right: "He never said he would make it happen, go back and read or watch the videos....he said this would be difficult and that we would have to make it happen." May I be your first follower? Beautiful West Wing parallel, by the way.

  2. thanks DP :)
    I knew there would be West Wing fans out there.