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Monday, December 27, 2010

must read....

Dennis G. over at Balloon-Juice  is a most excellent writer and knows a lot about what the insane party is should read his stuff.
He has a new post up tonight which you can find here.

I didn't have an intention of being so pro-Obama. I sincerely believe he is the right person for the tasks that we have been kicking down the road since St. Reagan. I think there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you don't know it, our media reports on our politics as entertainment. They have to sell airtime, because the way our government runs and all the other things that we need to know is now for profit. That means that the governing becomes soundbites and when something important comes up, it becomes about winning and losing the news cycle. No one wins when that happens, hence Jon Stewart being one of the best journalists out there.

But I digress. Dennis's post is all about the long game I was talking about before. But his is better than click here to read his.  
It's about Obama going electric, a la Dylan.

From the moment Obama announced his run for the White House to now he has been following his own process and priorities—strategies and tactics—to meet some pretty ambitious progressive goals. So far, the list of accomplishment is long and I doubt there would be a fraction of these successes if he had stuck with the orthodox and predictable game plans of very knowledgeable pundits, bloggers, activists and thinkers who claim to have all the answers for progressive victory. Hell, if he followed their advice he would have never been elected in the first place. And yet for all their rage about how Obama is not following their game plan it is very hard to think of any victories won by anybody who has ever followed their advice.
Based on the evidence so far I think Obama’s approach to getting shit done is more like Dylan’s. I think he has gone electric and that he is changing what is possible in real time. He has produced real results and I expect that the next two years will produce more.
Time will tell.

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