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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Again....

I am still here, quiet but here. It really doesn't feel like it's been almost 2 months since I posted anything, but I've been told the internet doesn't lie. (kinda like all GOP presidential candidates)

Let's see what's been going on in VeraLand. I hate my job, I hate my finances. Nothing changed there. Football is back!! My team has actually won a game, which is big news. We have a QB that has more talent than Jake Delhomme had in his pinky. the dick. Peyton Manning is out for the season, hopefully only this season, I've been scared to hear about his neck injury. I love him so.

The GOP candidates and their debate audiences are proving that their base are all redneck hicks who can't stop living in the 30's. And they want the rest of us to join them. I say Fuck No. And my state, where I've lived for 30 years, is putting same sex marriage on the primary ballot. It's already illegal in NC to marry a same sex partner, they want to enshrine it in the NC constitution to prove we are just as backward and mean and stupid as the rest of the south. sigh.

I've become addicted to those missing object games on Facebook. I hate the new Facebook changes. I don't like that they want to tell me what they think I will think are Top Stories. Fuck em. But what am I going to do? Stop Facebook? Too addicted and that's where all my friends are.

There are finally protests against Wall Street going on. Please look up Occupy Wall Street on the web and Facebook. This is important, especially with the cops doing what they do best to protect the bankers against us lowly people.

My health issues have been resolved, I hope. My thyroid is fine but my serotonin (?) levels were out of whack so I got some new meds for that. Yay for getting old and needing chemicals, legal ones even....jeepers.

The best thing? Pink Floyd is everywhere this week with their new releases of the catalog. Loving that. Jimmy Fallon had a Pink Floyd week with Nick Mason, Roger Waters and some great bands covering Floyd tunes. I highly encourage you to look it up. I'm too lazy and football is getting ready to come on.

Anyway, that's where I've been. What's going on where you are?


  1. Hi Veralynn! Glad to hear your health is a 100% go. I wish I could say the same! But anyways, welcome back.

  2. oh no! I hope you are better soon dude!
    and thanks! I'm going to try and so a summation post at least once a week.....we will see how it goes. :)