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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey Hey Hey

If you're as old, or older than me you will remember Dwayne from What's Happening. I loved Dwayne.

Anywho.....growing up, I always felt older than I was. That changed at 35. At 35 I finally felt that I was in the right body and the right mind. It was pretty cool. Well, tomorrow I will be 44 and I have to say I am surprised. It feels odd to me. I haven't been bothered by any birthdays, but this one is freaking me out. I think I will stay at 43.
It's not that it feels old....I am happy to be my age and I don't mind getting older. We all live and grow old, everything on this pale blue dot. It's the way it's supposed to be. It's that feeling I had before 35 coming back, except in the opposite direction. I don't like that. My life has been so topsy-turvy the last 3 years and I hope this is the year I get back to that even keel. Hell, maybe that's all it is. I'm not too bright sometimes, I miss the most obvious things sometimes....I really am blond. I'm not a natural blond, but in every wonderful dumb blond joke way, I am. I like that about me, but it makes me slow sometimes....
So Happy weird Birthday to me and here's hoping for this year to be better than the last few.....

So what's going on out there that I should be posting? I have gotten into a funk with that as well....there's so much going on. Michelle Bachmann? Same sex marriage in New a GOP controlled legislature? What the fuck is in the water? I am dumbfounded and scared and hopeful and confused by how we get through the next year. Endless political campaigns are hurting this democracy and the media does nothing that it should...and we're back to being jaded again....


  1. Happy Late Birthday Vera Lynn! How does it feel now? Same as before?

  2. Thanks!
    I am in a holding pattern. I'm trying not to think too much until the 25th. Doctor for the thyroid. I am trying to stay calm and kopasetic. (I have no idea how to spell that- ha!)
    So after that, we'll see what we see. :)