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Sunday, April 3, 2011

why am I here?

I have asked myself, several times, why I have a blog. Part of it is because Facebook gave me the ability to share with people the things I believe and feel are just and true and funny and share who I am through posting youtube videos of my favorite music. And I like that. As for this blog, it's the invisibility. I like that I can do all the things I can do on Facebook, but here...only a few people know who I am. I like the invisibility.  I like that you are reading this all over the world....or you can from all over the world. And you have no clue who I am other than what I post here. I really like that. Because I think people are the same all over the world...unless you're rich....then I got nothing for you. I've never known what that feels like. :)
As I've mentioned before, I don't have a lot of close friends. I like it that way. I have always felt apart, separate from most people, and more often than not, from my family. So this is where I'm most comfortable.

So I'm over at Balloon-Juice and reading this and it occurs to me that this is one of the reasons I want to keep writing here as well. I want to record what happens before the Civil War finally ends...hopefully with the ballot box, but more likely with bullets.

I am a student of history, American history. I have a degree from a state university in history. I am getting old and have forgotten most of what I learned in school....for you kids out there, let this be a lesson, get a job in the field of study you choose. If I had done that, I'd be a better person I think. Then again, that would mean being a bureaucrat (public employee) or a college professor (perhaps a public employee, but certainly a liberal elite). I did want to be a bureaucrat in the State Department. So I would be demonized by one of the major parties in this country...I already am, so I'm good.
Anyway, I digress.....
I never, ever, ever would have thought that one of the political parties in our two party system would lose their minds completely. I knew that during the Civil War, that we lost our minds. But, I thought that the people who still felt the way the southerners who declared their independence felt were so few that I didn't need to worry about them doing anything stupid. Even after Reagan....then shrub came along and took all of the worst of Reagan and ran with it. I find it amazing that this country put republicans back into power after they had totally torched everything they could think of after only 2 years. It boggles the mind.

I said up the post that I wanted to record what happens before the Civil War ends. No, it isn't a typo. I don't think we have finished the Civil War. I think we have just been in a very long pause. I think, after living in the south for more than 30 years, that there are too many people who are the stupid and ignorant who have never forgotten. They don't only live here though, they are everywhere in this country. And now, they have a major, international media organization and our SCOTUS has made it possible for corporations to be in We The People persons. What the Fuck????
For the majority of people, those who get their news from corporate media on the networks and who don't pay attention to politics until a presidential election, it may seem that things are all of a sudden crashing down. They heard the repubs talk about jobs and instead they have seen the repubs do all the culture war items on their agenda...along with others they never would have told us about before the November 2010 elections. Just take a gander at this Google page.
I am writing here because this has to be documented. I know there are a lot of other blogs that are, and have been, doing this much better and I read them everyday. I just feel like I need this place to get out even those things that I feel are more intimate, more personal for Facebook. And the beauty part of this is that only a few people who know me in real life ever come here and mostly its people that wouldn't know me if I passed them on the street. I like that.
It's also narcisstic I think too...but we all have a 'dark side'....ying and yang and all that.

1 comment:

  1. Amen. The war has long since started, but only one side knows they're fighting. But I think the reality is becoming ever more apparent.